The Betral of the Light Troops

Hello AR this is your 3ic frigido LT has recently posted About helping pirates in our war  i guess they didn’t read our rules   “This is a No allies battle. That means LT, SWAT, or any other army cannot help Pirates. We will know. Also, SMAA nor any other army will not be helping AR, they are simply plotting revenge for what he did with possibly their own war.” so to this rule break i find it completely humorous I guess ioio is nervous about losing his lap doges.  So i really don’t know if we will ack on this rule break or not but if we do we get some Servers.  But if you don’t LT you’ll get an even bigger reputation for breaking rules.  Now i have a message for water kid and ioio comment if you want i don’t care i know is that you like to cheat on every thing ioio.  Its sad how much of a monster you have became i remember when you were just a hotheaded AR noob and you also might comment on this.  And i guess i should thank one of the only friends i still have in Lt for giving them my message.  Its only a matter of time when lt will die once again and ioio goes on his little rage that he goes on


About frigleder

i am in ar
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